1 / How does metatron bioresonance work precisely?


Bioresonance is a revolutionary non-invasive technique for visualizing energy imbalances affecting your physiology with a very high level of precision. Each of your cells vibrates at a certain frequency dictated by the DNA that composes it and which emits on a certain frequency wave.

Imagine a tuning fork vibrating at the frequency of 432Hz and you lightly strike it to make it vibrate. At the other end of the room, another tuning fork calibrated to this same frequency will also start to vibrate even though it has not been touched. This is what we call the resonance phenomenon. Two objects resonating at the same frequency will resonate. This physical property allows us to understand which element of matter vibrates at what frequency.

Thus, from the smallest to the largest, it is possible to determine the vibrational state of each part of your physiology, and to compare it to a catalog of nominal operating frequency. Your liver, your stomach, a virus, part of the thyroid tissue, hormone X or Y, a red blood cell... all vibrate at a certain frequency linked to the function they perform in your body. A fatty liver will not vibrate at the same frequency as a perfectly healthy liver.

Passing through the conductor, the brain, we send and receive frequencies from and to your body in order to know on what frequency of life your cells vibrate and what frequency to send in order to find a direction favorable to your balance . The information sent is directly captured by the cells of the area worked in order to support it in its own natural work of regeneration or cleaning. In reality, we do not initiate work, we make it easier for the body to do the work that it already knows how to do perfectly innately, but for which it struggles more than usual to do due to disturbances that can be emotional, immune, digestive, endocrine, etc.

2 / Does a metatron session detect pathologies or diseases?

NOT IN ANY CIRCUMSTANCES. A Bioresonance session cannot conclude that there is a pathology or disease.

We simply note the state of your “terrain” at the energetic level, terrain which will, depending on the case, be conducive or not to the progression of physiological but also emotional imbalances over time. The state of this terrain depends on many factors related to what you experience in your current and past life, as well as the way you take care of your body and your mind (which also carries an extremely influential vibration). Every day, your body works hard to regenerate what can be regenerated, and clean out what doesn't belong within you. These processes are perfectly natural and they support life within you. We are right there on this path to give him the maximum chance of doing all of this successfully.

The precise objectification of a pathology of any order can only be carried out by the medical profession of health professionals, who are the only ones authorized and having the tools to make a precise diagnosis.

So according to our findings and after discussing with you the symptoms you may be experiencing, I can either advise you to turn to your attending physician (by default) who will be able to guide you towards the necessary examinations to be carried out or to another specialist if necessary.

3 / Can metatron bioresonance directly cure diseases?

NO. The goal of Bioresonance is not to directly cure an illness diagnosed by the medical profession or suspected. Our goal is to strengthen and support the body in its work against possible more or less established pathologies, but above all and above all to prevent the appearance of these imbalances by supporting your terrain. We often give a welcome boost to your physiology, by working on the information field in which your cells are bathed, and by concrete vital hygiene changes in your daily life as well as by monitoring over time.

4 / Should I stop my treatments before of after a bioresonance session?

NOT IN ANY CIRCUMSTANCES. Your treatments should be continued normally as instructed by your doctor or specialist. Our session can only help to support their potential side effects or facilitate their work within the body. I will ask you what treatments you take during the session in order to take them into account in my analysis and rebalancing.

5 / Do I need to change anything in my daily health routine or are metatron bioresonance sessions sufficient?

The primary objective of my practice is to maximize your health autonomy. At your level, and this is the essential thing, you will need to revisit the conditions which lead to these difficulties that your physiology encounters, and activate the essential levers to support it, whether in terms of your diet, how you manage your thoughts, your relationships, your alignment with your work, your level of physical activity, and everything that overall helps your vehicle adapt on a daily basis to the life you lead. I will do my best to guide you in this direction, without having the time necessary for a complete naturopathy session. If necessary, I can redirect you to appropriate people.

6 / What should I do following a metatron bioresonance session?

It is important to drink a lot and rest following a session, and if possible during the 3 days that follow in order to place your body in the best conditions to do its work of regeneration and/or cleansing. Choose spring water and hydrate in small sips throughout the day. Also make sure not to overstretch your energy with excessive sporting activity.

So take a little break... you deserve it ! :)

7 / Are there any side effects associated with a metatron Bioresonance session?

Bioresonance is generally quite well tolerated by the majority of people followed. However, it is still possible to feel the work that your body is doing, depending on the level of cleaning or regeneration that it decides to implement with the help of the support that we give it. It's totally individual. Some sensitive people will feel movements directly after the session, others within the 3 days following (most), and other people will not see anything in particular happening. The body works, as it does 24 hours a day. Depending on the case, a healing crisis may occur if the body considers it necessary for it to cleanse what needs to be cleansed. This can be unpleasant depending on the case, but it is certainly necessary. However, the majority of the effects are barely or not felt, the body simply begins its work of regeneration, facilitated by the support provided but without triggering any more particular effect than usual.

8 / Does it hurt?

No, the assessment or re-information that follows is totally painless. Often, you'll doze off during the session and feel a deep inner calm. Enjoy :)

9 / Are there any contra-indications to coming for a session?

The method is very gentle and respects the body's natural cycles. However, as a precaution, and even though many of my colleagues place no barriers and have so far had no problems in this regard, I prefer not to work with people in the following conditions:

> Pregnant women

> Children under 5 years of age

10 / How many sessions are needed?

Here again, the answer is highly individual. Depending on your age, your imbalances and your current energy level, it may be useful to carry out a single session, or an initial session and one or more follow-up sessions. Generally speaking, it's useful to carry out this initial assessment, and then come back for a follow-up to see how quickly things have evolved, and to refine our strategy for returning to greater balance.

Some people also use this marvellous tool to prevent known imbalances before each season, or periodically throughout the year as a continuous frequency regeneration cure in parallel with their work on their vital hygiene.

Others will choose to set 2 dates in the year to boost their natural regeneration processes by default in order to cope with our sometimes difficult living environment.

11 / Can bioresonance help with emotional and mental problems?

YES! In fact, we systematically begin our session with an emotional analysis and chakra rebalancing to facilitate a deeper inner calm. In addition, by working on your physiology, your nervous system, your inflammations, your digestive and endocrine systems, etc., we touch on the emotional sphere and enable a quicker return to calm and confidence.

For example, a session is ideal for improving your ability to adapt to stress. For example, by working on the energy of the kidney, spleen or stomach, to name but a few.

12 / Can I come to a session as a preventive measure?

YES! In fact, it's an excellent reason to come to a session. Prevention is the best way to maintain a lasting balance. More and more people are choosing this type of follow-up, and it's a very good idea. The metatron can detect an imbalance up to 6 months before it becomes a symptom. This way, we can get your cells back on track as soon as possible and surf on the beautiful energy that's driving you.

13 / What certifications and scientific studies does the machine hold?

The metatron NLS system acquired a US patent (Link here) from the FDA in April 2003, which is not the case for any other system of this type in the world. IPP, the Institute of Practical Psychophysics, also obtained a certificate of production quality from the British Standard Institute in March 2016. Russian and Japanese patents also exist for all metatron models.

The system has been and continues to be the subject of numerous scientific studies, which can be found on the American supplier's website (Link here).

14 / What does mycotherapy add to a metatron bioresonance session?

Medicinal mushrooms have a broad-spectrum action that coexists perfectly with the vital energy boost provided by bioresonance. The frequencies sent to the body prepare the ground for enhanced action by the mushrooms, whose action is all the stronger the more energy is present. It's important to understand that some mushrooms, such as Reishi, the king of mushrooms, contain over 400 active substances in a single capsule.

Immunomodulating, anti-inflammatory, anti-tumor, anti-bacterial, anti-fungal, anti-viral, hepatoprotective, anti-parasitic.... etc... they act by constantly adapting to the state of the person's terrain and have today become essential adjuvants in Oncology, for example.

Depending on the results of our assessment, and the body's subsequent re-information work, I can recommend, in addition to certain changes in vital hygiene, the mushroom synergy or synergies most likely to help you maximize your return to an effective balance. Let's talk about it :)